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A Senior Product Designer, crafting systems and experiences throughout the United Kingdom. Currently working as part of the human team at Leighton.

2019 - Present

A B2B SaaS onboarding solution with the aim to save time and reduce paperwork for management whilst delivering a personalized employee onboarding experience, increasing new colleague engagement, and accelerating time to productivity.

2019 - Present

Creating a design system to unify the platform whilst allowing anyone who would join the team to collaborate without the need for matching designs, also giving the development team a 'bible' for everything they build.


An incentive to keep the internal teams active whilst working remotely. Taking part in a 'campaign' that would run for a specified amount of time, with employees creating or joining teams within their organization.


An all-around service for a potential home buyer. From initial contact, viewing of the property, and marking favorite elements to handling key documentation and payments.


A two-part output that fell hand in hand with each other. The first is a TV ad to be shown across Europe to advertise the product. The second, is an interactive spin on the advert allowing visitors to make decisions and interact to change the outcome of the video.


An AR/VR product to allow users to sample various conditions to understand the best solution for their patients.