Barbie Advert & Interactive Journey 
Case Study

To launch the newest addition to of the Barbie DreamWorld line, Barbie and her interactive DreamHorse. The client required a two part output that fell hand in hand with each other. The first part is a TV ad to be shown across Europe to advertise the product. The second part, is an interactive spin on the advert allowing visitors to make decisions and interact with the video to determine which video would be played at the next stage. The interactive elements of the piece would link heavily with the key features of the product.

Along with the brief being split into two parts, both outputs were required to meet the needs of Barbie's key audience demographic. These being 10-year-old children as well as their parents/guardians/family members who may purchase the product as a gift.

See the advert that was rolled out across Europe below, my role in the advert was to be part of the art direction and input on the look and feel.

Product - Barbie DreamHorse

Company - Mattel

Dates - 2019


To establish the journey of the interactive element to the brief, I set out creating a wireframe that highlighted the user journey of both the child and the adult, capturing the interactive elements which linked to key features of the Barbie DreamHorse.



The interactive elements were based heavily on the features of the product. The product gives feedback when the user, feeds, plays music or speaks. The interactive elements relate to each of these stages. The idea of the interactive elements is for the user to drag the circle around the shape using their finger or mouse depending on which device they are using. Based on the outcome of the task, the video will trigger, showing in this case the horse dancing if completed and running off if not.


Additional interactive sections allow the user to name both the main character and the horse, as well as select which method you would like to use to call for the horse, all elements coming together to create a personalised experience.

Interactive Experience

The interactive experience was also located in the carousel header bar of the main barbie website displayed as one of three carousel images.