Harman Kardon Interactive POS
Case Study

In the run-up to IFA Berlin, the client planned on launching a range of new products but felt that due to the number of products on show, and reps they hired would fail to remember all key information and that the standard POS cards did not do enough to sell the features of a product to any visitors of the event. We proposed an idea to display as part of the event setup an interactive POS display that would be housed to fit in with the environment the product was set.

Phase two of the product would see this developed further to contain the information of all of the product lines offered by the client and to be used in stores worldwide instead of the standard POS displays. 

Product - JBL POS IFA Berlin

Company - Harman/Kardon - JBL

Dates - 2019

Layout Research

As we were heading down the interactive POS route, we felt that a tablet would be best suited for numerous reasons, including size, availability worldwide, and price. I began by researching product usage from previous events we had been apart of and similar situations were users could interact with a tablet to display information to create a basic but useful layout that shows key touch points and interaction zones that will help us in the layout and setup of the POS dispays.


In keeping with my usual flow of working, a wireframe was created to help us establish the flow a user would take, as well as ow admin users are able to adjust various elements of the platform to relate to the surrounds and product in question. As at this event, there was a theme in place that saw some of the demo tables housed in grass, sand, and other elements, the platform allowed for a related screensaver to be selected to help the device fit into the surroundings when not in use.

The design was then pulled together in a way which allowed for the logos, headers, content, imagery, and colours to be adjusted without needing to change the layout at all. This helped with the build and implementation of a vast number of products, and will hopefully help us with phase two implementing all of the products into the platform. Each product consists of three pages which are accessed with a scroll and display the overview page which is shown below, product features, and tech specs.